Aileen Seedorf’s Police Report on Huntley School District 158 Board Vice President Tony Quagliano’s Physical Threat

McHenry County Blog has obtained a copy of the Algonquin Police Department document resulting from Huntley School Board member Aileen Seedorf’s report of a threat of physical violence from fellow board member Tony Quagliano, who serves as vice president.
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McHenry County Blog obtained a report Kory Koehler wrote after his discussion with Seedorf. It’s police report 1-07-012452. The statute involved was 720 ILCS 5/26-1.

The text of the report follows:




I Officer Koehler # 1056 responded to the A.P.D. lobby for the report of what was described as a threat that had occurred in the District 158 (650 Academic) school board meeting on 13 November.

I spoke with Aileen Seedorf who related to me that after what she described as a heated discussion during a school board meeting another member of the school board named Anthony Quagliano made a statement to the effect of not verbatim: “I want to come over there and smash your heads.” Aileen related that she was not sure of the exact quote because she was so surprised by it. Aileen said the statement was directed to her and another school board member named Larry Snow.

I asked Aileen what Anthony Quagliano’s proximity was during the statement. Aileen related that Anthony was two chairs away from her while seated at a conference table, or approximately eight feet. I asked Aileen if Anthony made an aggressive posturing after the statement.

Aileen explained that she had muttered out loud, “Now I have to deal with a threat” to which Anthony responded while walking behind her “The difference is that I didn’t do anything.”

I asked Aileen if she was in fear of being battered by Anthony Quagliano. Aileen said that she was not in fear of being battered by Anthony Quagliano. Aileen told me that she did not think Anthony was going to hit her but was uneasy when he walked around her.

I asked Aileen if she was alarmed at the behavior of Anthony Quagliano and she stated that she was. Aileen also stated that this was a private school board meeting however the board is required by law to record the meeting. Aileen advised me that she had asked the Superintendent if the statement made by Anthony had been recorded. Per Aileen the Superintendent advised her that it was not recorded. Aileen told me that the meeting was in transition. It was not adjourned but some members of the board were in another room at the time of the incident.

Aileen advised that she has had problems with Anthony in the past. Aileen told me that she and Anthony had argued because Aileen was sitting where Anthony wanted to sit. Aileen advised that she did not want any investigation into this matter she only wanted it documented. It should be noted that all parties involved are adults, no further information on witnesses or Anthony Quagliano. No further action taken.

Seedorf is listed as “COMPLAINTANT” and “PERSON REPORTING INFO.”

Quagliano is listed as “SUSPECT/ARRESTEE INFORMATION.”

Three people are listed under “WITNESS INFORMATION:”

  • Kevin Gentry,
  • Lawrence Snow and
  • Naomi Fettes

= = = = =
On the top left is Huntley School District 158 School Board member Aileen Seedorf. To her right is Tony Quagliano, who was rewarded with the vice chairmanship of the school board when he joined the ruling majority bloc after the April election.

School Board Larry Snow, one of two fellow board members Quagliano apparently physically threatened, is seem below Quagliano.

Bottom left is Kevin Gentry, who ran second to Seedorf in April’s election. He is the only majority bloc school board member in the room when Quagliano made his threat. Naomi Fettes is the district employee who prepares the meeting minutes.

Huntley School Board President Shawn Green also called Seedorf and Snow “terrorists” in the Daily Herald. As you can see below, the Northwest Herald has bent over backwards to defend Quagliano and Green.

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