Power Off at South Grade School

An email alert to parents came this afternoon at 1:33-

Alert Name: South Power Outage

Alert Type: General

Complete Message: This morning, sections of South Elementary School were without electricity and consequently, had not heat due to an electrical short outside the building.

ComEd responded immediately and had the building hooked up to a generator by approximately noon placing the building back to full power while they fixed the problem.

During the time when the school had no heat the children were asked to wear their coats in the classrooms, and a few classes were moved to warmer locations within the building. All of the children were very cooperative while this problem was being taken care of.

We wanted you to have this information as your child shares today’s experience at South with you.

Thank you.

School Name: Crystal Lake Community School District 47


Don’t we wish it were still as warm as this picture of South Grade School?

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