Non-Cash Fringe Benefit Knowledge Not Exclusive

Into my electronic mailbox came the following message to Huntley school board member Larry Snow:

”An aside to Mr. Snow, while I believe your inquiry was very legitimate, I personally am extremely disappointed that you would have provided this closed session item regarding Ms. Smith to Mr. Skinner for the purposes of requesting a FOIA on it, so that he could ‘investigate’ it.

“You may deny this, but there is no doubt that Mr. Skinner’s request for any correspondence with the IRS related to “non-cash fringe benefits” was directly related to your closed session inquiry on this item (emphasis added).

‘There is absolutely no other reason he or anyone else would be making an inquiry for an item such as this. It’s hard to earn the trust and confidence of your fellow board members and the District’s employees when you continously betray it.”

It’s signed “Tony Q,” as in Huntley school board member Tony Quagliano, Certified Public Accountant.

Apparently Quagliano doesn’t read McHenry County Blog carefully enough.

Had he read it more carefully he would have seen this October 10, 2007, headline:

It even references this article about the Huntley school district’s “in lieu of” benefits:

I don’t know what Quagliano was doing in the mid-1980’s, but I was learning a lot about employee benefits. I was manager of the Bureau of Benefits in the Illinois Department of Central Management Services. We had a lean crew—56 employees.

I may be forgetful, but I do still remember what non-cash fringe benefits are.

And, as my son continually tells me,

“Dad, how do you know? You’re not in my mind.”

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