Unions Endorse Democratic Party Candidate for Congress Against Don Manzullo

16th congressional district Democratic Party candidate Robert Abboud has sent out a press release announcing the Illinois AFL-CIO endorsement of his candidacy against incumbent Congressman Don Manzullo.


Barrington Hills, IL – Robert Abboud, who is running to unseat eighth-term Republican Rep. Don Manzullo in Illinois 16th Congressional District, announced today his endorsement by the Illinois AFL-CIO.

“The Illinois AFL-CIO is pleased to endorse Robert Abboud for Congress in the 16th District. Unlike current Rep. Don Manzullo who has a five percent life-time voting record with the AFL-CIO on working family issues, Mr. Abboud will be a true advocate for workers in Illinois,” Michael Carrigan, President of the Illinois AFL-CIO said. “Whereas Rep. Manzullo continues to support policies that outsource American jobs overseas and weaken our manufacturing competitiveness, Robert Abboud is committed to protecting and expanding good jobs here in the U.S.A. to strengthen our working middle class families.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Illinois AFL-CIO, which recognizes my commitment to put America’s working and middle class families first,” Abboud said. “As Congressman, I will champion legislations to secure and expand good jobs in America and work tirelessly to ensure that all Americans can have access to affordable quality health care.”

The Illinois AFL-CIO’s endorsement of Abboud comes as no surprise. Abboud’s Republican opponent Rep. Don Manzullo has a long history of opposing legislations that support American working families while siding with corporate special interests.

Rep. Manzullo voted against legislation to raise the minimum wage several times.[1] He also voted against the Family and Medical Leave Act saying, “family leave is just another government program.”[2] It is notable that while Manzullo decried the loss of manufacturing jobs to China, he voted several times to grant it trading privileges with the United States.[3]

He facilitated the outsourcing of America’s manufacturing jobs to countries like China and Japan[4], voted to keep tax breaks for U.S. manufacturers that moved to foreign countries, and supported tax breaks for corporations that went overseas to avoid paying U.S. income taxes.[5]

The 16th Congressional District encompasses part or all of Boone, Carroll, DeKalb, JoDaviess, McHenry, Ogle, Stephenson, Whiteside and Winnebago counties. The current incumbent for the seat, Rep. Don Manzullo, was elected in 1992 with the pledge to serve only three terms ending in 1998 but he is now serving his eighth term.

Robert Abboud is a nuclear engineer, business owner, and the President of the village of Barrington Hills.

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Congressman Don Manzullo is seen on the left, while challenger Robert Abboud is seen on the left.

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