Daily Herald Focuses on 8th Congressional District Democrats

On the day that 8th the three congressional district Republicans were scheduled to debate at McHenry County College, the Daily Herald ran an article By Russell Lissau exploring the differences between anti-war challenger Randi Scheurer and incumbent Melissa Bean.

Scheurer is, of course, trying to make the position difference the keystone of her campaign. She sent out a press release, for instance, announcing she was trying to raise over $30,000 to send out the post card showing Bean in a helicopter in Iraq.

As the article puts it, “Scheurer is hammering away at Bean’s stance on the war—and the conflict itself.”

Bean backs the war; Scheurer wants the troops out now.

“Scheurer’s youngest son, Daniel, served in Iraq with the U.S. National Guard,” article points out.

So there will be a back-up anti-war candidate against Bean on the ballot, the Moderate Party that Scheurer’s husband founded and achieved “established party” status for, is running Iain Abernathy in the fall election.

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