In the Dark of the Night

So, we’re coming back from McHenry on the shortest day of the year. It’s about 5:30 and traffic is not moving well at the intersection of McHenry Avenue and Route 14.

A marked police car with mars lights blazing pulls into the closed furniture store parking lot. Someone is working on putting up a stop sign in front of the plain clothed policeman.

Then, she walks across the street where I took this picture of the policewoman putting up a second stop sign to replace the traffic lights.

But, you can see electricity at the gas station across the street, the used car dealer and the mattress store.

We picked up a friend of my son’s. His Windsor Avenue home was lighted

Driving through Wedgewood, we saw a lighted cross. I took this picture of a lighted cross on a home.

I pushed the button on the garage door opener, but it didn’t open. Maybe I was too far away.

The light on the lantern by the snow fort was dark.

I pushed the button again in the driveway. Nothing happened.

Then, I noticed our house was dark.

Usually, when we lose electricity, the homes on the other side of Meridian Street are lighted. We have electricity coming from both directions and this township line street is the dividing line.

Not tonight.

All of this part of Lakewood was dark.

My wife got home and said Jewel was dark.

I picked up another 10-year old and we had three of them sitting in the dark playing or watching some battery operated game.

By the time I was back, all those candles she has purchased over the years were being put to good use.

Just as I was setting up the tripod to take a steady picture in the shadows, the electricity came back on.

Bummer. I missed a good shot.

= = = = =
Click on the top photo and see if you can pick out the policewoman lowering the stop sign.

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