Message of the Day – An Editorial Cartoon

I know it’s “Peace on Earth, Good Will To Man,” time, but I have seen an editorial cartoon by Michael Ramirez on torture in both the Chicago Tribune and Elgin’s Courier News.

There is a drawing of the U.S. Capitol.

In a balloon is the following, presumably from some member of the Democratic Party:

“We would never pour water up someone’s nose for 30 seconds to prevent 9/11 and save 2.995 lives.”

That pretty well lays out the stakes, doesn’t it?


Message of the Day – An Editorial Cartoon — 1 Comment

  1. I find it ironic that the United States claims it does not torture, but prosecuted Japanese military personnel for the same methods that they used.

    As if the information that they get from detainees is worth anything. Hmmmm…..coercing people who have been locked up for 5 years to find “new information.” It’s moronic to think that any viable information is still in these detainees. Al Qaeda already has changed their tactics and plans, so the people incarcerated are out of the loop.

    Never mind the fact that the United States circumvents international law by deeming people captured as supposed terrorists as “enemy combatants,” places them in prison complexes outside of the country (to go around the Geneva Conventions), and then denies them the right to have formal charges placed against them. I mean, I don’t support people who attack our country, but America is not being the beacon of freedom it claims to be.

    And as for the editorial, I think that if the US had stayed out of Iraq and Saudi Arabia during Gulf War One we would not have been attacked. Obviously if Christians had some Muslims or pagans establish military bases in their sacred land, they would resort to guerrilla warfare. Better American foreign policy would have prevented 9/11, not treating other human beings as if they were animals.

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