The Difference Between Criminal and Civil Law Case

Thursday’s Daily Herald story by Jameel Naqvi has so many strands that I couldn’t deal with them all in one piece.

One of the more stunning comments made by Huntley School District officials in Naqvi’s article confirming McHenry County Blog’s finding that Post Office officials are investigating was made by Board President Shawn Green, who earns his living as a policeman.

It was way at the bottom of Naqvi’s article:

“Board President Shawn Green said if the auditor looked into all of (board member Larry) Snow’s issues, the audit ‘wouldn’t cost $100,000; it would probably be closer to $200,000 or $300,000.’”

[This comes from one of the people who didn’t even want a forensic audit, as you can see in this article. He later supported Snow’s suggestion.]

“Green said the district may be able to recover some of the $100,000 — depending on the outcome of the state’s attorney’s investigation.

“’I don’t want it to ruin our chances for getting back any money we may be owed,’ Green said.”

I guess that is an improvement over what has been said in the past.

Previously, Green and most of the ruling board majority have shown no interest I’ve noticed in recovering any of the money paid to administrators for fringe benefits not approved in open session by the board.

But let’s visit this lawman’s knowledge of the law.

“’I don’t want it to ruin our chances for getting back any money we may be owed,” Green says as if a criminal conviction is necessary before one can sue for compensation for misdeeds.

The difference between criminal and civil law suits should probably come from someone other than me.

To find out why, read tomorrow’s McHenry County Blog

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