McHenry County Write-Ins

When I was up at the County Administrative Building, I asked the county clerk’s office to look at those who had filed write-in candidacies for the February 5th primary elections.

You’ll remember that our democracy-limiting state legislators made any last minute write-in campaign illegal.

One was from Algonquin CPA Richard Evans. He has announced his intention to seek the GOP nomination for county auditor.

When Ruth Rooney resigned, seeing that the county board was seeking someone with a CPA, he applied. Even though he was a Republican precinct committeeman, he did not get the nod. And, that’s probably too polite a way to describe the brushing aside of his qualifications and those of County Board member Marie Chmiel, also a CPA and GOP committeeman.

The person who won the office appointment and subsequent fall election is Pam Palmer. She was Rooney’s assistant.

Challenging Palmer and on the ballot—so he has a chance of winning—is Crystal Lake attorney Richard Kelly.

I even saw some campaign signs, usually, but not always, next to Bianchi for State’s Attorney signs.

The Northwest Herald reported that Kelly’s candidacy was supported by McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.

Speculation for the reason for Bianchi’s support was Palmer’s revealing she had approved vouchers to pay for the reception for Bianchi’s swearing in, for meals when his staff worked overtime and for candy handed out in area parades.

Of the three, only the candy seemed unusual, but I don’t know if the sheriff’s office paid for any candy distributed or whether it came from Keith Nygren’s ample campaign fund.

And the expenditure was obviously approved by Palmer’s office or it would not have been paid.

I have a Freedom of Information request that I’ve been meaning to file since then, but have not gotten around to submitting. Have to try to remember to do that tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the write-in candidacies for precinct committeeman.

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Driving toward Huntley and to Woodstock, the only signs I saw were for McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi. In Woodstock, there were a few for Richard Kelly. Both Bianchi and Kelly have regular yard signs and 4 by 4 foot ones. Look closely at the two pictures with signs and you’ll be able to find them. Click to enlarge the images. The head shot is of McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer.

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