Republicans Pick Up Campaign Literature

Republican precinct committeemen had the opportunity to pick up campaign literature for the February 5th primary election last night at Jack Schaffer’s Liberty Outdoor and Storage on Route 175 a bit east of Route 31.

A number of the candidates were there, including incumbents and challengers for McHenry County State’s Attorney and Auditor, as were a number of county board candidates in contested races.

The most interesting political aspect was the complete lack of presidential campaign material. And Jack Schaffer’s wife Mary Ann Louderback is running to delegate on Fred Thompson’s ticket.

No literature.

No yard signs either.

So, does this mean that all the presidential campaigns have figured out that precinct committeemen won’t make much of a difference in shaping voter opinion on this, the highest of profile races?

Or, is it just that none of the campaigns has a ground campaign in Illinois worth anything?

I didn’t get a new photo of McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, but I did meet his opponent Dan Regna and got one of him.

I also took what I hope will be a more pleasing picture of McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer and got a couple of her opponent Richard Kelly.

It is pretty clear from the sign placements I saw on the way to Liberty Outdoor that there is an alignment between Bianchi and Kelly. Similarly, Regna’s and Palmer’s signs are appearing together.

Among county board candidates I didn’t have pictures of were

  • John Jones of Woodstock, insurance agent challenger running in District 6
  • Richard Schlader, District 3 challenger who lives along the Fox River, now a Nunda Township Trustee
  • Marc Munaretto, Algonquin, District 1 incumbent (Thought I had a photo of Munaretto, but I can’t find it. Sorry.)
  • Lowell Cutsworth, Fox River Grove District 1 challenger, now an Algonquin Township Trustee

OK, who did I miss? Email me and I’ll put in your name.

And what will my 10-year old son remember?

That Jack’s storage buildings look like the movie set in the movie “Alien.”

You cannot believe how much fun any number of boys have had using our home’s upstairs to play alien versus predator.

How boring cowboys and Indians must sound to them!

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