Anonymous Hit Piece Mailer Culprit Reveals His Identity

Well, I guess I was wrong.

I apologize to the defense attorneys who want McHenry County State’s Attorney out of office hoping to get more negotiating prowess with challenger Dan Regna.

The woman who wrote the original hit piece on State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi revealed that the sender of the anonymous reprints was…

Hold your breath…

McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman and McHenry County Treasurer Bill LeFew.

Now, why do you think Daily Herald columnist Amy Mack would know that?

I’d let your minds wrap themselves around why LeFew would be willing to tell Mack, but unwilling to follow state law and put his name somewhere on the envelope or the mailing.

Here’s the admission:

”… Bill LeFew confirmed he purchased the reprints as an individual and mailed them to more than 900 people because he thought they should see the information about the state’s attorney’s expenses.”

I guess he sent it to 900 people he thought were community opinion molders.

For some reason, Mack didn’t think to ask LeFew why he mailed it anonymously, although she did refer to it as “a somewhat mysterious mailing.”

Rest assured, others will.

You may remember LeFew was the one who thought it would be a conflict of interest to be county GOP chairman because he might be subpoenaed as county treasurer to hand over financial records about expenditures in the State’s Attorney’s Office that anyone could get through a Freedom of Information request.

Virtually everyone saw through that ruse to criticize Bianchi. The Northwest Herald even spanked him.

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