Bernie Narusis Calls for “Spineless Coward” Bill LeFew To Resign

1964 GOP primary candidate for McHenry County State’s Attorney Bernard Narusis has sent an email to all Republican precinct committee- men calling for McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman Bill LeFew’s resignation.

He labels LeFew, who is also McHenry County Treasurer, a “spineless coward.”

I can repeat what Narusis wrote, but it needs to be read in the original. Here is his Wednesday email:

Dear McHenry County Republican Central Committee Member,

Certain inescapable conclusions leap out at any serious- thinking McHenry County Republican Committeeman/woman leader from the Northwest Herald’s article regarding the conduct of Bill LeFew reported therein:

First, charitably speaking, Bill LeFew is a spineless coward who hid himself behind the mask of his unsigned, politically motivated, smear campaign letter to influence the coming primary election, the letter’s envelope which was deliberately devoid of any sender’s name or return address;

Second, Bill LeFew has dishonored the integrity of the McHenry County Republican Party, and he should resign (again!) immediately;

Third, Bill LeFew broke President Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment to refrain from spreading ill-will against an honorable incumbent-candidate for re-election.

Bill LeFew’s conduct in this sorry episode raises many questions, some being:

1. Didn’t Bill resign as Chairman of the Central Committee as previously reported by the Northwest Herald? If the Herald’s news story concerning the alleged resignation was accurate, then Bill has no right to claim to speak now as Party Chairman, nor to have “cancelled” the January 3rd special meeting of the Central Committee relating to adoption of the new by-laws for the Party, nor to preside initially at the Party’s February Convention. Was the Northwest Herald’s resignation story reported in careless error? By whom has the Central Committee been deceived?

2. To whom did Bill LeFew mail the reported 900 letters beside the members of the Central Committee? To any Republican Party financial donors and sponsors? If so, from whom did he obtain the donor’s mailing list? From the Republican Party records or from someone else?

3. Is it reasonable for us to believe that Bill LeFew almost $1,000 of his own personal funds to pay for the reported anonymous mailing me made, because he was just exercising his “rights as an individual citizen of the United States.” Did he use any of his campaign funds for this purpose?

4. Did any “friends” of primary candidates Palmer or Regna or political enemies of primary candidates Kelly and Bianchi pay for any of the costs of the mailing?

4. Hopefully, the office of the Director of the McHenry County Republican Central Committee was in no way involved in this episode?

6. Who, if anyone, legally advised LeFew regarding the Election Code compliance requirements as these requirements relate to Bill’s anonymous campaign activity?

LeFew’s conduct was politically unethical and dishonest and grossly reprehensible. I believe that he has disqualified himself as a future representative or candidate of the Republican Party.


Bernard V. Narusis
Republican Precinct Committeeman
Nunda 9 Precinct

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I wish I could do special effects. This letter deserves to have singed edges. My father ran for county auditor in 1964 when Narusis was running for state’s attorney. Both lost their primary elections. Narusis has acted as parliamentarian for the GOP county committee.

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