Tribune Enters into Front Page Advocacy Journalism

Must saves the bus and train seats of Tribune readers.

How else can one explain the huge front page story on today’s Chicago Tribune?

It’s not Monday.

Monday is transportation reporter Jon Hilkevitch’s day to shine.

Most of his stories are not time sensitive, so that’s when the Tribune usually runs them.

This one comes on a Wednesday, though.

One day before the Illinois House is scheduled to vote on Governor Rod Blagojevich’s amendatory veto to give me a free ride anytime I want to take the train to Chicago.

And, it’s only going to cost one half a billion dollars a year. I note that little tidbit is not in the Tribune editorial.

It gives legislators another chance to save collar county residents from a 200% increase of the RTA sales tax in the collar counties while Cook’s County’s hike is only 25%.

And, yes, I know that the collar county boards have been bribed with half of the increase.

Yesterday, the Tribune asked for the veto to be overridden.

I wrote a story entitled,

“Hey, you Republicans” the Tribune urges.

“Jump on board.”

Do more to damage your anti-tax brand that State Senators Dan Cronin, Kirk Dillard and Dave Millner already have.


Give the Democrats more targets than they already have in Beth Coulson, Rosemary Mulligan and Sid Mathias.

Got to congratulate Democratic Party State Representative Julie Hamos.

She certainly has stuck it to the collar counties.

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