Kirk Morris Received Award from Veterans Organization

A volunteer to 8th congressional district GOP primary candidate Kirk Morris sent me this press release about an award he received January 5th. Thought it might be of interest.

Citizen of the year for HIS service to veterans

Chicago – Gurnee resident Kirk Morris was honored by a Veterans Organization in Chicago for his work on behalf of Illinois veterans.

Morris is running for the Republican nomination for the Eighth Congressional District seat currently held by Democrat Melissa Bean. He faces Ken Arnold from Gurnee and Steve Greenberg from Buffalo Grove in the February 5, 2008 primary election.

Morris received the “Citizen of the Year Award” from the McCarthy Group in a ceremony held at St. Cajetan’s Church in Chicago on Saturday January 5th. The Group cited Morris for “his service above and beyond” the call of duty to Illinois veterans. The event was witnessed by more than 2,000 people who filled the pews.

Presenting the award to Mr. Morris was Mr. Allen Lynch, Medal of Honored recipient from Viet Nam who also lives in the Gurnee, IL area.

In a speech responding the award, Kirk Morris asked everyone in attendance to demonstrate their dedication to country by doing, instead of talking. “It is one thing to talk about what needs to be done, but without anyone taking action, talk will not help anyone without action,” said Morris.

The McCarthy Group was founded by Colonel Joseph McCarthy, who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions at Iwo Jima. During World War II, McCarthy was a captain commanding a rifle company attached to the Second Battalion, 24th Marines, and led an assault team across exposed ground to wipe out positions holding up the advance of his company.

The same Marine Corps Unit is now a reserve unit headquartered in Chicago . The battalion has been activated for second tour in Iraq

Also receiving Honors Saturday, was Marine Sgt Brian Woznicki, who earned three Purple Hearts in his two deployments to Iraq . One such award was the result of injuries he sustained in Spring of 2004, the same place and time PFC Geoffrey Morris, son of Kirk Morris, was killed in Iraq.

Chicago Firemen also presented an Iron cross to Navy Chaplain 2nd Lt. John Conrae, who served with the Marines on two tours in Iraq and is headed back for another deployment by the end of January. The cross was cut from the iron beam from the former World Trade Center on September 12, 2001.

“This cross has a lot of emotion and meaning attached to it. I will carry this to the Battlefront far any all to see. What a wonderful symbol and memoriam for those that are taking the battle back to those that caused such great loss of life in NY on September 11th,” said Conrae.

The Chicago Police Drum and Bagpipe Corps added ceremonial and processional music to the event.

Link to photo’s of the event.

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The caption to the photo is “Medal of Honor recipient Mr. Allen Lynch presenting Kirk Morris with the 1st ever citizen of the year award from Medal of Honor recipient Joseph McCarthy foundation.”

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