Clean Break from Corrupt and Incompetent Past

With one governor sitting in jail and another disgraced by her incompetence in handling the Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana swore in the youngest governor in the nation this week.

You know it isn’t Illinois, because we haven’t had a woman governor yet and we don’t elect governors in odd numbered years.

This is about Louisiana, a state that just may be more corrupt that Illinois.

Bobby Jindal, the new governor is a Republican who pledges a “clean break.”

36 years old.

Youngest governor in the country.

First Indian-American governor.

I’m told older Indians ask, “Is he Indian enough?”)

Here’s part of his inaugural address:
“We have the opportunity—born of tragedy but embraced still the same—to make right decades of failure in government.

“In our past, too many politicians have looked out for themselves. Too many arms of state and local government did not get results.”

He certainly could be talking about Illinois, don’t you think?

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