Arnold Proposes Re-Naming Martin Luther King Birthday “American Martyrs Day;” Outlines Financing of Iraq War with Future Oil Profits

Sure to engender outrage from African-Americans is 8th congressional district Republican primary candidate Ken Arnold’s suggestion to change Martin Luther King’s Birthday to American Martyr Day and broaden its purpose to commemorate martyrs of all races, an additional one to be selected by the president each year.

Arnold also released a white paper on his plan to loan Iraq money for 75 years to finance the war. 25% of future oil profits would back the loans.

His press release follows:

Congressional Candidate Addresses Problems of Iraq War Funding
the Increasing Number of Federal Holidays

Gurnee, IL: Eighth District Republican congressional candidate, Kenneth “Ken” Arnold, released two additional “white paper solutions” on his website today.

These two make for an astounding twenty-five (25) detailed and original initiatives by Mr. Arnold on how to solve a broad range of Federal and regional problems. Neither of his opponents, Mr. Kirk Morris or Mr. Steve Greenberg, have attempted to develop a single similar creative initiative.

Mr. Arnold’s first outlined initiative is his proposal to rename, and expand the meaning of Martin Luther King’s Birthday.

Ken Arnold states:

“Making this a holiday dedicating ALL American Martyrs improves both the intentions of this Holiday and participation of the Nation in the principles of Martin Luther King and so many other Americans.”

Mr. Arnold suggests renaming the Holiday “American Martyrs Day” and having all notable, civilian Americans (regardless of race, creed, or color) who have suffered hardship – and even death – to promote the highest of American ideals to be recognized on that day.

Candidate Arnold points out that this newly configured Holiday would be like combining President’s birthdays for “Presidents Day.” It would also be the civilian equivalent to Veterans Day.

The newly configured holiday would hereafter honor not only Martin Luther King, but perhaps such notables as Bobby Kennedy, Sitting Bull, Rosa Parks, and 9/11 civilian hero Todd Beamer – all of them civilians within our society.

Each year, moreover, the President would induct another American into this Holiday by proclamation on this Holiday (still to be observed on Martin Luther King’s birthday).

Candidate Ken Arnold’s second released white paper is an interesting suggestion he has promoted since early on in the Iraq War – essentially not relying on American taxpayers for the costs of defense and Nation building in Iraq but giving Iraq long term loans to do so. Ken Arnold’s original-thinking idea is to extend 75-year loans where 25 percent of future oil profits are used to repay the American taxpayer over that 75-year period.

Mr. Arnold states:

“Why should the American taxpayer pay twice – once thru their tax dollars and once at the gas pump! And all this taxpayer money is spent on the second richest country in the world – Iraq!”

He goes on to state:

“The War is necessary, but should it not be enough that America’s young soldiers are committed and our national attentions are invested in this enterprise? Do we also have to simply give money to one of the richest nations in the world?”

These two creative and original initiatives written by candidate Ken Arnold join twenty-three others already posted for download within the “Creative Solutions” section of his campaign website at

Mr. Arnold observes:

“Obviously, with so many creative initiatives across so wide of breath of subject areas: I am truly demonstrating to the voters that I am immediately able to serve as their Representative in Washington. I don’t need to ‘look at the problems’ like my opponents apparently say they need to do – I’ve been studying and analyzing them for years and, in some cases, been doing so for a decade and longer.”

For more information, or to donate to Ken Arnold’s campaign for Congress, citizens may either log onto his website at or call the campaign at headquarters at 847-207-1167.

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