Message of the Day – A Cross

This is the third statue by sculptor Dominic Zinanni in his series taking Christians from the manger to the cross.

We have a second clay cross this week. The first one said, “Worship” on its base.

This one has “bring His light to the world” on the cross bar.

I took it before and after church. The picture before is dark. In the one after the service, we moved it into the light.

Considering the message of Bill Muilkens’ sermon—bring Christ’s message to someone near you—and the symbolism of the candle during the song before the sermon, maybe moving the cross was just the right thing to do.

The words on the screen say,

“Make my life a candle,
A light to shine through
the darkest night.

“Make my life
a candle,
A flame to melt the
coldest heart.”

Muilkens, who was in the Disciple I class that my wife taught in the 1993, went on to become a minister.

He pointed out that the 11 o’clock service’s music ministry was only one way, but a moving way, for those attending to worship God.

You can see this week’s whole team singing one of the closing songs.

The verse on the screen says,

“Every prayer I make
Is a prayer of faith.

And if my God is with me,
who can be against me?”

All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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