Dave Phelps Leaving Crystal Lake Park Board

Changing work patterns are forcing long-time Crystal Lake Park Board member Dave Phelps to resign.

Phelps sent in a letter of resignation yesterday.

Due to family and job commitments, I am no longer able to devote the time necessary to effectively discharge my duties. I believe my leaving at this time will allow the board to choose an acceptable replacement and allow that individual some time (to) obtain experience prior to the next election.

“It has indeed been my honor and privilege to have served on this board for the last 15 years. I would like to thank board and staff members, both past and present, for their continuous support. I hope that in some small way I have made a contribution to this community.”

This is the second time that Phelps has found his workload and schedule too heavy to serve on the board. In 2001 Phelps resigned because he was unable to attend meetings.
I thought was the honorable thing to do.

Work patterns must have changed shortly thereafter, because he ran and won re-instatement to his board seat at the next election. He ran first in that election.

Since that time the General Assembly passed a law allowing participation by phone, which Phelps utilized at times.

Two sources tell me that a board majority has pretty much decided on a replacement for Phelps. One source tells me it is Crystal Lake Planning and Zoning Commissioner Angel Collins.

She ran for the park board and placed right after the last winner. The vote totals follow:

Candy Reedy – 3402
Richard Sexton – 3038
Mike Zellman – 2946
Eric Anderson – 2927
Mike Walkup – 2623
Angel Collins – 2445
John Burton – 2027
Bernie Van Ham – 1932
Bud Schmauss – 1560

The park board does not have to select the runner-up, however.

It will be interesting if the board allows people to apply for the vacancy and make public presentations of why they should be appointed.

After losing the park board election, Collins was almost immediately appointed to the zoning board by Mayor Aaron Shepley.

There she cast one of the votes which forced the city council to get an extraordinary majority of five out of seven votes to approve McHenry County College’s baseball stadium proposal.

The stadium vote fell one short.

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The picture on top is of Crystal Lake Park Commissioner David Phelps. The bottom one is of Crystal Lake Planning and Zoning Commissioner Angel Collins.

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