Barrington Hills Woman 16th Congressional District Delegate Candidate for John McCain

Finding its way to the email inbox of McHenry County Blog is this information about Nina Stephenson, a candidate to the Republican National Convention pledged to John McCain.

It’s a letter from Barrington Hills family of Frank, Pamela and Linda Cools which asks for help in electing Stephenson.

Dear Sixteenth Congressional District Republican Leader:

We are writing to ask for your help in electing our friend Nina J. Stephenson of Barrington Hills, Illinois as a Delegate to the Republican National Nominating Convention for the 16th Congressional District of Illinois.

Nina’s name appears on the February 5, 2008 Republican Primary Election Ballot, and if elected, she will represent our voters at the National Convention to be held in Minneapolis-St. Paul from September 1st through 4th, 2008.

In the time that we have known Nina, we have found her to be a fervent supporter of many neighborhood causes in McHenry County, as well as a dynamic participant in numerous community-based groups and charitable organizations. Let us introduce you to the Nina whom we have come to wholeheartedly admire and respect.

Who is Nina?

As a lifelong Republican, Nina J. Stephenson first became active in politics as a student leader for Ronald Reagan. She has served in various positions on many campaigns in Mississippi and Texas including those of George H.W. Bush, Rep. Webb Franklin, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson and George W. Bush.

After graduating from the University of Mississippi School of Law, she practiced business litigation in Texas for ten years until her marriage to Robert M. Stephenson (litigation partner with Foley & Lardner) and her relocation to the Chicago area in 1996.
Nina is currently serving on Senator John McCain’s Illinois Finance Committee.

Since 2004, Nina has been a member of Adopt-a-Platoon which was founded by mothers of our service members and supports them and their families while they are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. So far, she and Robert have been the adoptive family for 17 soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. In 2005, Nina received a special commendation from the Secretary of the Army for her volunteer efforts and she proudly wears a lapel pin that designates her as an honorary Army Parent.

Locally, Nina is an advocate for women and their children in abusive and transitional situations through her volunteer efforts with Friends of the Home of the Sparrow. In 2007, she served on the underwriting, auction and event committees. In 2008, she will serve as the charity’s secretary.

As a member of the sponsorship committee for the Barrington Junior Women’s Club, Nina works to support the numerous charitable causes designated each year including Meals on Wheels and WINGS (Women In Need Growing Stronger).

At St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Barrington Hills, Nina serves on the Flower Guild and co-chairs their bi-annual fundraising events.

The animal-loving Stephensons are also members of the Conservator’s Circle at Lincoln Park Zoo and share their Barrington Hills home with their bevy of poodles and a boxer puppy.

How does the delegate process work?

The process for electing delegates is a bit complicated. The names of the 24 potential delegates (along with their preference for President of the United States) will appear on the primary ballot. The top vote-getters will represent the 16th District of Illinois at the National Convention. Although the ballot allows you to vote for up to 4 delegates, you are not obligated to do so.

You may be concerned that a given delegate’s candidate preference does not coincide with your current presidential choice. Rest assured that your choice of a particular delegate on the primary ballot does not in any way affect the vote which you cast for a given presidential candidate. Also, keep in mind that the slate of Republican presidential candidates which exists on February 5th is very likely to change before the September convention based on primary/caucus results, candidate withdrawals or other circumstances.

Based on her exemplary credentials and countless accomplishments, we strongly encourage you to select Nina J. Stephenson to represent us at this important political convention. We are proud to call her our neighbor and friend and know she will do an outstanding job representing the interests of the voters of the 16th District.

Please feel free to distribute this message to other interested Republican voters in your organization. Thank you!

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The picture of John McCain was taken February 16, 2007, at a Union League press conference in which he strongly supported the war on Iraq. The head shot is of John McCain Finance Committee member Nina Stephenson.

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