District 300 Legislative Breakfast Focuses on Money – 4

This is the fourth in my reporting on what happened at District 300’s legislative breakfast held on Monday morning.

Tom Hey, the assistant superintendent in charge of curriculum and instruction, explained that the district’s past financial problems had left little time “to focus on why we’re really here.”

He reiterated Supt. Ken Arndt’s comments that “grads and parents expect more of us and we will produce more for you…

“More students are learning more in District 300 than every before.”

He explained “our focus for the next few years will be on our high schools. ACT scores are not where we want them to be. While we have had increases, last year we had a slip in the cumulative (average).”

He promoted the goal of introducing more technology into the classroom.

State Rep. Ruth Munson (R-Elgin) told a bit of “The Women’s Tour” last year.

One of the comments from someone in an older school:

”We think we need in our classroom more than one electrical outlet.”

Chief Financial Officer Cheryl Crates told of how the district applied for one of the 3-year 2% technology loans, but “we didn’t get a penny.”

The tech guy, whose name I may run into later, said something interesting:

”We thought we might get the $30 million by then to be able to pay it back.”

State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) told of how well McHenry County’s leasing of its computers is working.

Eric Willard, Technology Director, was skeptical that it would work in District 300.

David Ulm is the energy conservation man for the district. He recounted how he, his staff and Johnson Controls have tried to save energy while keeping in mind the comfort of the children. He pits building against building and awards are given at an annual picnic.

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On top is Tom Hey, District 300’s assistant superintendent in charge of curriculum and instruction. State Rep. Ruth Munson is the top head shot. The district’s Chief Financial Officer, Cheryl Crates is seen on the left side of the screen. State Rep. Mike Tryon is making a point with Board President Joe Stevens in the background. The photo on the bottom is of David Ulm, District 300 Energy Management Coordinator.

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