Robert Abboud Hones His Stump Speech – 3

Wednesday, January 16th, the 16th congressional district Democratic Party candidate, Robert Abboud, spoke to the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee in Woodstock’s Farm Bureau Building.

What’s the country’s environment and energy policy? Abboud asked.

“Anyone know?”

“No oil executive left behind,” was his answer.

That brought some chuckles.

“It comes back to how these people get elected.”

Our policy, he said is “just burn more fossil fuels.”

He predicted “$4 a gallon easily by this summer.

“Global climate change is the most fundamental issue that our generation and (future ones will face).

“The only way out is to burn less fossil fuel.

“The issue is not how much energy we use, but where it comes from.

“Now, not all of us here have been fans of nuclear power,” he observed.

“The reality is that it has performed quite well,” the former long-time Com Ed employee said. (He now runs his own consulting firm.)

Abboud pointed out that which Americans invented the production of electricity from nuclear power, “we don’t own (the patents).

“We’ve got to redevelop that industry.

“What about the nuclear waste?” he asked, preempting the question.

He pointed out of the countries with nuclear power, “59 recycle their fuel; one of them doesn’t. Guess which one?

“It’s a whole lot cheaper to reprocess. The problem is legislation. It is not a technical issue.”

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