MCC Board President George Lowe: “No Flashes…You’ve Been Warned!”

After last Monday’s McHenry County College Board meeting, Board President George Lowe looked at me and said,

”There will be no flashes at the Monday Board meeting!

“You’ve been warned!”

I told him that he would have to pass a resolution first.

I guess it surprised him that he couldn’t unilaterally set board policy.

Next, Lowe looks at MCC President Walt Packard, pretty much the only other person in the room, and says,

”First thing on the agenda—a resolution.

“No flashes at the board meeting.”

At least he didn’t threaten to put me in the back corner of the room like the McHenry County Board rules change would have.

I’ve looked at the board’s agenda for tonight’s 7 PM meeting and can’t see anything that would lead anyone to think banning flash photography might be under consideration.

There is agenda item 5:


Tells the public a lot, doesn’t it?

And it’s before the public comment period.

That’s about the same place the board considered the censuring of Board President Scott Summers, who subsequently resigned from that post, and Donna Kurtz.

Before public comment.


One other thing.

Lowe make a big deal a week ago about how no items would be placed on the agenda without board consensus.

We’ll see.

= = = = =
The top picture of the map was taken after the meeting without a flash in an attempt to get a good close-up. The flash had been showing up in the previous photos of the map. Lowe walked in front of the map as he was issuing his “No flash” rule. The lower photo is after he had told MCC President Packard to put flash banning resolution first on the agenda.

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