Robert Abboud Hones His Stump Speech – 5

In this fifth article about 16th congressional district Democratic Party candidate Robert Abboud’s appearance Wednesday, January 16th, in Woodstock’s Farm Bureau Building, McHenry County Blog reports on what he said about Iraq:

“We’re done.

“We’ve been done five years.

“Why did we go to Iraq?”

“Oil,” shouted a chorus of Democrats.

“I’m going to give the President the benefit of the doubt,” Abboud continued.

“The first day we cut their communications.

“In three days, we controlled the skies.

“12.5 billion per month.

“If our strategy was to create a federalist government in Iraq, something that is based on the Magna Carta, people in the Middle East don’t recognize the Magna Carta.”

Abboud then explained his family’s involvement in the Armed Forces. His father spent three years in the Marines, his father-in-law 20 years in the Navy.

“The military is designed to kill the enemy and break things.

“You have horsepower so the diplomats can do their job.

“I don’t get the part where we use the military to create a new government.

“We’re done with this issue.

“It’s time to come home.

“I ask for your support.

“We have a very tough campaign.”

McHenry County Democratic Party Chairman Thomas Cynor closed this part of the meeting by urging people to ask Abboud questions they had out in the hall and during the five-minute break.

“Bob will give you the answers…the whole answer.”

“The party’s really moving in the right direction,” Cynor concluded.

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The photographs are of Robert Abboud. It the bottom one, you can see McHenry County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Thomas Cynor with Abboud after Abboud’s speech.

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