The “What Do You Want to Accomplish Question?” in A-LAW Questionnaire

This is the third installment of McHenry County Board candidates’ answers to the joint McHenry County Defenders and Alliance for Land, Agriculture and Water’s county board answers to their questionnaire.

The topic today is the goals of the candidates.

Only five of the candidates answered today’s question. Incumbent Sue Draffkorn declined to provide her vision of what she would accomplish during another four years on the county board.

Let’s see what the five have to say about this open-ended question.

Please provide a personal statement about what you intend to accomplish, if elected to the County Board, and/or provide additional information regarding any of the “yes/no” answers given above.

Sue Draffkorn, D-4, Republican: Did not respond to this question.

Jeff Thirtyacre, D-4, Democrat: I would like to start by addressing our tax policy, then look into our education system to control the spending problem in some of the school districts. Look into the water problems in the county; stop illegal dumping of hazardous materials on property near our wetland and conservation districts; look into hazardous roads and intersections and quit kissing up to the rich people in Lake-In-The-Hills & Algonquin. There are other places that need attention. We need new business in McHenry County so taxpayers don’t have to commute so far, generate jobs and fine companies with revolving door policies or set up credits for companies that supply benefits for their employees.

Virginia Peschke, D-5, Republican: I intend to continue working on the projects at hand: agricultural and open-space protection, conservation development initiatives, health and safety issues, including strategies to help citizens, particularly seniors retain home-ownership, disaster preparation for pandemics and other causes and improvement of public transit.

Ersel Schuster, D-6, Republican: My past work on this board included reduction of county government. I will continue that work when elected. Additionally, I will work to preserve and protect our agricultural land by working with fellow board members so they understand the many reasons for agreeing with that philosophy.

Harry Alten, Jr., D-6, Republican: I would try to develop allies on the board to come together with a comprehensive plan to preserve and protect our county and its natural resources. Also, we must manage growth responsibly.

Andrew “Drew” Georgi, Jr., D-6, Democrat: We need to plan our growth better that includes transportation, jobs, housing, and the effects of this growth on our county as a whole. We need to improve both our roads and public transportation. Bring in affordable housing that our people can buy. We need to bring in jobs that let our people both live and work within the county. We need to all of this and make sure we do not affect our environment in a negative w

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