If I Were a McHenry County Democratic Leader

Make no mistake.

The Republican Party primary for state’s attorney is a bitter fight.

And I haven’t even seen Dan Regna’s last $15,000 mailing.

It may end up like the GOP primary fight between Mike Brown and Steve Verr.

That year Brown, who was appointed to the post after State Rep. Ann Hughes (R-Woodstock) resigned, ran against McCullom Lake’s Verr.

It was Verr’s fourth attempt to win the Republican nomination.

Verr lost the bitterly contested fight.

And, Jack Franks won the House seat.

He is so entrenched now that Bill LeFew’s feeble party is not even fielding a challenger.

So, regardless of who wins the nod for McHenry County State’s Attorney, will the loser walk?

And give provide enough votes for a Democratic Party candidate for state’s attorney?

There are some indications that might be the case.

If you want to hear more talk, come to Governors Pub on Randall Road in Lake in the Hills after the polls close and open your ears.

You might even hear the name of the potential optimistic challenger or meet him…or her.

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