$9,500 More for Regna

Woodford Development dropped another eight grand into Dan Regna’s campaign for state’s attorney.

Donated on Saturday, this $8,000 comes on top of $15,000 on the Monday a week ago.

An internet search led to a Jiffy Lube guy named John M. Jacobs.

The address of 1007 Trakk Lane is listed as the address of Woodford Development in the State Board of Elections report.

Mark R. Jacobs, 475 W. Jackson in Woodstock, is listed as treasurer of Citizens for Regna.

Perhaps the last name of Regna’s largest contributor being the same as his campaign treasurer is a coincidence.

Perhaps not.

Perhaps someone from the Woodstock area can tell how to connect the dots.

In addition to the $8,000 on Saturday, $500 came from Brad Balke, 407 S Dearborn Street, Suite 125, Chicago.

Another $1,000 was donated by Christopher French of Wonder Lake on Monday.

The people who did the murals still have great music playing on their YouTube view of their work at the Jiffy Lube headquarters in Elgin.

And only 18 of you listened to it since I first noted it. Try it. It will relax you on this day when those on the ballot are so tense in their zero sum games.

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