Pam Palmer Picks Up Late Money

Saturday, McHenry County Auditor candidate Pam Palmer reported picking up $500 apiece Thursday from two road builders (Alliance Contractors, plus Peter Baker & Son) and former State Senator Dick Klemm.

Perhaps it financed the mailing I got saying that the last three county auditors endorsed her.

They are

  • Jack Schaffer, who went on to be elected State Senator when I was first elected state representative in 1972,
  • Al Jourdan, who replaced Schaffer, getting about 60% against McHenry County College Board President Jim Harrington (who announced he was not an active candidate before the election) and who was and continued to be McHenry County Republican Central Committee Chairman and
  • Ruth Rooney, who followed Jourdan, resigning in December 2005.

Palmer also included her newspaper endorsements.

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The picture of McHenry County Auditor Pam Palmer was taken at the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee’s candidates’ night on January 28th.

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