Democrats Bob Ludwig and Darryl Frank Win District 6 County Board Primary

The McHenry County Democratic Party held a local primary election and people actually came.

Live votes (as opposed to absentee and early votes) in the precincts totaled 7,468 for the three Democratic Party candidates.

Republicans, on the other hand, cast 9,472 votes or almost 56% of those cast in the county board primary elections.

So, it could be concluded that Republican strength in this part of McHenry County is much stronger than it is countywide, where the Democrats captured 51.5% of the ballots cast for president.

Winners in the Democratic Party primary election were Bob Ludwig and Darryl Frank, in that order.

Andrew Georgi came in third, 708 live votes behind Frank.

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As luck would have it, I got pictures of Bob Ludwig and Andrew Georgi at the January 16th McHenry County Democratic Central Committee meeting. Unfortunately, the third candidate, Darryl Frank, was not there. The picture is of Bob Ludwig.

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