Has Junior College Riverboat Gambling Bill Been Introduced?

When I heard that statewide junior college associations were discussing a casino is Danville, the proceeds of which would go to junior colleges, I was so surprised I couldn’t print here what I thought.

Who could have such a stupid idea?

Yes, I know I tell my son not to use that word, but sometimes it fits.

Education is about meritocracy, not about luck.

Are these junior college association folks as far off mission as the McHenry County (Junior) College Board with its majority’s lust to build a minor league baseball stadium?

Well, guess what?

State Rep. Bill Black of Danville has introduced House Bill 4581.

The veteran Republican’s legislation would site a new casino is an area that sounds suspiciously like his hometown.

At least it would be competitively bid.

Thanks, former State Senator Peter Fitzgerald, for bringing back that idea from Greece.

But, it would not designate the profits to junior colleges.

It should be noted that Black is a former community college administrator, so the junior college association’s talk still might end up in Black’s bill.

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