“We Know Nuthin”

Sgt. Schultz of “Hogan’s Heroes” would be proud of McHenry County’s junior College.

Remember those photos I got of attorney Mark Saladin, real estate woman Cindi McDonald and John Maguire, the guy accompanying them?

Well, it seemed to me that there might be some documents floating around MCC with their names on it.

But, no.

When I filed a Freedom of Information Request with their names a couple of others, I got Nada.

Robbins, Schwartz, Nicohlas, Lifton & Taylor attorney Howard A. Metz wrote,
“The college asserts that it is not in possession of documents responsive to your request.”


Since MCC Board President George Lowe read their names out loud after the top secret, hush, hush meeting, shouldn’t there be at least some minutes with containing their names?

Didn’t they pass even out their cards to officials at the meeting?

And, what about what was passed around.

You can see staff in the second row looking at it.

None of their names were on the handout, according to Metz.

No paper trail at all.

Do you think that is a credible response to by Freedom of Information request?

= = = = =
The man standing by the microphone is Mark Saladin. The one sitting is John Maguire. To his left is Cindi McDonald. Administrators look at the handout in the picture below.

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