Message of the Day – Golf

Sunday was the day that local golfers took part in the Crystal Lake Park District’s almost annual Doc Haznow Chili Open.

Sometimes, like when the lake was low and it did not freeze sufficiently (because of the springs?), the golf day is canceled.

Sometimes, like this year, it is postponed.

This year that meant it was held last Sunday, February 17th, instead of the Sunday before.

Here is how the park district promoted it this year:

“Golfers will play one of two championship, nine-hole, par 32 courses on frozen Crystal Lake.

“All foursomes will receive our great giveaway, one bowl of chili and the chance to win several prizes.

“Prizes include: various golf bags, Ping golf clubs, Ping apparel, and other prizes.

“Decorate a sled and enter it in the Chili Open “Best Sled” contest.”

After we got back from our treacherous trip home from the Milwaukee area, we stopped at Gate 3 beach in Lakewood to take some photos.

It had rained a lot and the temperature was in the forties.

The surface of Crystal Lake was covered with water.

The golfers didn’t quite look like they were walking on water, but it was close.

Brightly visible was a device that looked like a Zamboni from a distance.

What we saw was mainly people walking around.

Maybe the tournament was over and people were cleaning up.

We did see a couple with golf clubs crossing to the parking lot about noon.

Monday was a completely different scene.

The water had frozen.

The ice had been covered with snow.

The wind was so strong that anyone on the lake would have experienced a near whiteout experience.

The evergreens around the holes were still visible, but the golfers were elsewhere.

All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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