Algonquin Township Republicans Organize

Twenty-three of the thirty-four elected Republican precinct committee in Algonquin Township met at the Cary-Grove Country Club last Wednesday to organize for the next two years.

Township chairwoman Karla Dobbeck, who has an Algonquin address, was re-elected, as were vice chairman Tom McDermott of Crystal Lake and treasurer Marc Munnaretto of Algonquin.

Newly elected committeeman Jane Sanchez of Algonquin was elected secretary.

Committeemen (that’s the title, even for women) decided to join each of the local chambers of commerce and to man volunteer recruitment booths at the area expos.

According to the latest campaign disclosure report filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections, the group had $16,815.41 available.

In contrast the McHenry County Republican Central Committee had $2,088.59 on the same date.

In comparison, McHenry County Democrats had $9,430.36

Since Algonquin Township has 68 precincts, volunteers are being sought to be appointed to supply the vacant precincts with people to work for Republican candidates. There is contact information for Dobbeck, McDermott and Munaretto here, if you would be willing to help out.

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Pictured from left to right are newly elected officers Jane Sanchez, Marc Munaretto, Karla Dobbeck and Tom McDermott. Click to enlarge the maps of precincts in the township.

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