Crystal Lake Approves Bartley Square Approved at Bard and Huntley Roads

At the February 20th meeting of the Crystal Lake Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, adjoining townhouse and a commercial developments presented by local attorney Bill Franz received unanimous approval.

Franz seemed surprised, but pleased at the city staff’s compliments of the architecture.

“The retail architecture is fairly eclectic and provides visual interest through horizontal and vertical articulation. The building as proposed is 200′ long, but it does not appear long and bulky because of the varied massing.”

Also praised were the “use of alternative roof structures and dormers…(and) the stone veneer chimney and a colonnade patio…(plus) a variety of building materials…”

The residential component has a description with this comment on the visual interest of the facade of the 2 and 3 bedroom units:

”structural articulation, varying roofline, addition of dormer windows, decorative lovers and chimneys.”

You can see what each component will look like from the pictures above.

All in all, I don’t think Lakewood’s Turnberry residents will be displeased with he look of this development as many pass the Bard and Huntley Road project on their way to and from home. The architect was the Crystal Lake firm of Repholz Studio in Downtown Crystal Lake. Landscaping is by Waterstone Landscapes of Woodstock. Elgin’s Scheflow Engineers did the engineering.

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