Manzullo Target Rakow Road Widening

The following press release was received from 16th district U.S. Representative Don Manzullo. It continues a campaign intended to paint Manzullo as someone who is doing something about traffic congestion in Algonquin Township.

Manzullo notes that 40,000 vehicles per day use the three mile road. My understanding is that once a road reaches 20,000 cars and trucks per day that it would be widened to four lanes.

So, with a projection of 60,000 cars per day in 2030 and widening to six lanes between McHenry Avenue and Pyott Road planned, it looks the McHenry County Board will not be as far behind the curve in the future as it obviously is now.

Manzullo to Seek Further Federal Funding for Rakow Road Widening Project in McHenry County

[WASHINGTON] Congressman Don Manzullo (R-Egan) announced today he will seek more federal road dollars to help fund the vital Rakow Road widening project that will help reduce severe traffic congestion in southeast McHenry County.

In a meeting with McHenry County government and business leaders this morning, Manzullo pledged to seek further funding for the $23 million project in this year’s federal appropriations process. In 2005, Manzullo secured $5.72 million in the long-range federal transportation bill for the Rakow Road widening project.

“Rakow Road is a significant regional arterial road that carries tens of thousands of McHenry County residents to work and school each day,” Manzullo said. “The widening project will greatly expand capacity on Rakow Road and reduce the significant congestion motorists experience each day. Reducing traffic congestion continues to be my number one priority for the people of McHenry County, and I am glad to again seek a federal investment in the Rakow Road widening project.”

The 3-mile-long widening project calls for widening the two-lane Rakow Road to six lanes from Ackman Road to Pyott Road and to four lanes from Pyott Road to Route 31. Up to 40,000 motorists currently travel Rakow Road each day and up to 60,000 are expected to travel the road by 2030.

McHenry County transportation officials are finishing up the Phase I environmental study on the project and will conduct a public hearing from 4 to 8 p.m. March 19 at Crystal Lake South High School to seek public comments on the initial plans. The Phase II study – which involves acquiring needed land and drawing contract plans for the project – could start this summer and is expected to take about two years to complete. Construction could begin the fall of 2010.

In addition to Rakow Road, Manzullo has secured significant federal funding for the Western Bypass of Algonquin ($19 million) and the Route 47 widening project through Huntley ($6.7 million). In addition, he worked with U.S. Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL), Barack Obama (D-IL), and the entire Illinois Congressional Delegation to secure an additional $6.2 billion in federal road funds in 2005 for the State of Illinois. Manzullo is continuing to work with State Sen. Pam Althoff (R-McHenry), State Rep. Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake), the McHenry County Better Roads Coalition, and local officials to ensure both projects are included in any capital bill the state approves this year.

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