Will County FM Tower Related to Request of MCC?

Could this Chicago Tribune article about one of the biggest Democratic Party contributors be a clue as to what McHenry County College is up to?

It says that Chicago’s Fred Eychaner, who owns Newsweb, is seeking permission from the Will County Board to ā€œconstruct a service building and… towers…300 feet high.ā€ He wants six towers.

Dennis Sullivan’s article says,

“Newsweb operates AM stations WNDZ, WCSN, WAIT, WSBC and WCFJ, as well as WRZA-FM in Chicago…ā€

“‘Do we need six more blinking lights on the horizon?’ asked Community and Economic Development Director Jim Haller.”

This Tribune article plays on the prominent Democrat asking a Republican County Board for zoning permission, rather than a potential applicant secretly asking a junior college board to use public property without letting the public hear the arguments.

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The power point slide on top was the first I saw when the McHenry County College board went into its secret session with John Maguire, Tom Zanck, Cindi McDonald and a man whose last name I heard to be Kirchner. The aerials can be seen as they tower above the current MCC campus. This picture was taken from where Route 14 intersects with the north end of Ridgefield Road.


Will County FM Tower Related to Request of MCC? — 1 Comment

  1. No, it's not related. The MCC tower is for MediaFLO, a TV service for cellphones that AT&T and Verizon currently offer. MediaFLO operates in some markets in the spectrum formerly occupied by UHF Channel 55.

    This is for WCPT AM 820 so that they can broadcast at night. The 6 towers are for a directional antenna system that protects WBAP Ft. Worth, Texas on the same frequency, and at the same time aims the signal into the metropolitan area.

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