District 47 Provides Pick-Up Lane for Hussman and West Grade Schools But Notat South

Last year after I got my Golf Road “Hey, what are you complaining about? Your ticket only costs $10 and you don’t have to go to Woodstock” Crystal Lake parking ticket dropping off my son at South School, I was going to do a follow-up story about drop-off arrangements at other District 47 Crystal Lake elementary schools.

Unfortunately, the Crystal Lake Central High School boys’ bathroom mirror Virginia Tech threatener got in the way.

Saturday, I showed you the improvement to West School. Here it is again.

At Husmann Elementary School, District 47 not only bought the splendid old pump house and tore it down to make an employee parking lot, but it also purchased the two houses east of the school and tore them down. You can see the parking lot and drive-through lane created for picking up lanes in the photo above, taken from the library side of the school.

That does not stop people from parking on Franklin Street across from Crystal Lake Central High School in a no parking zone (click and you can read the sign in the foreground) while waiting their turn to pick up their kids, but it is so much better than the situation at South Elementary School.

I think I’ll drive past some other schools and see if there are worse pick-up problems than exist at South.

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