Kissing Up to the Administration in Huntley School District 158

High school newspapers rarely make the news.

The one in Johnsburg, the Johnsburg Weekly News, won a lot of prizes.

It reported on

“a school administrator on drug possession and domestic abuse charges,”

student Sarah Sutschek wrote in a scholarship application.

The circulation of the one in Huntley got “embargoed” by the administration

In The View’s last issue, District 158’s Chief Operating Office Glen Stewart was the subject of a full-page feature article.

I’d link to it, but I couldn’t find the Huntley student newspaper, The View, online.

Here’s some of the article:

“Inner peace for me comes from being a respectable person, by just doing my best to be decent.”

“I think that people should find ways to resolve things without war by living virtuous lives.”

“Know that you are the only one whose behavior you can truly control.”

And the last sentence on page:

“Living up to what you expect of yourself and making sure your behavior isn’t inconsistent to what you think you should be like is what I try my best to do.”

Under the heading: “A variety of things make me laugh” Stewart is quoted as follows:

“I also like watching someone trying to set up something from a political standpoint and watching it back fire on them. That’s what cracks me up the most.”

No mention is made that Stewart was hired as the district’s $101,000 Chief Operating Officer while he was still a member of the school board.


Kissing Up to the Administration in Huntley School District 158 — 1 Comment

  1. is the story part of the story behind the story?
    heard that he has not been at work?
    was this part of pr due to other issues? was school newspaper set up or used?
    should the public know what is going on with the 100+ grand board guy?

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