Blagojevich Uses Income Tax Mailing List to Promote Legislation

I got a letter dated March 3rd from my friend Rod Blagojevich Wednesday. The post mark says, “MAR 10 2008,” so he meant to get it to be sooner.

Actually, it came addressed to

Skinner Campaign Fund
275 Meridian St.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014-5411

You know what my friend Rod wanted?

He wanted to “share…some exciting news.”

“I am proposing to cut taxes on businesses by 20%,” he gushed.

Sure, it’s “one-time,” but my friend Rod wants me “to be able to keep more of (my) money so you can continue to invest in our economy.”

My friend Rod also touts his infrastructure plan. $25 billion. Wow!

“Big money,” as they say on “The Wheel of Fortune.”

And $300 because I have a kid. He says it’s like the Federal plan.

“If a Democratic Congress and a Republican President in Washington could come together in less than a month…surely we can come together here in Illinois to do our part.”

That’s the bait.

Here’s the pitch:

“I need you to call your legislators in the Illinois General Assembly and urge them to pass this much-needed economic stimulus plan right away.”

I figured there was a catch.

Oh, yes. For those investigative reporters out there, here’s what is on the postage meter’s first class postage of 33.4 cents: “21 2745953.” It was mailed from zip code 62701. There is “000250” printed above the “21” number.

When Governor Dan Walker used what we thought was the private Revenue Department circuit breaker mailing list to contact senior citizens during my first term, House Speaker Bob Blair stuck a prohibition on a conference committee bill at a special session within a week.

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