Democrats to Slate State’s Attorney and Auditor Plus District 2 County Board Candidates

A press release has been received from the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee promising candidates will be slated for the offices of

The Democrats apparently are willing to give State Senator Pam Althoff a free ride just as it appears that Republicans are willing to give State Rep. Jack Franks one.

Democrats are emboldened because they received more primary votes in McHenry County than did Republicans. This has not happened since the GOP party was formed in the mid-1800’s.

If the Democratic Party runs a challenger against McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi, who faced a contentious challenge from Dan Regna which he won with almost 57%% of the vote, the Democrats may be doing McHenry County Republicans a favor.

I have speculated that the candidate might be McHenry County court attorney Tom Cynor, the former chairman of party Democrats. Presumably the new father would have to find another source of income.

If he has an opponent it will force Bianchi, who already has the largest grass roots organization in the county, to do even more.

Bianchi might well join forces with Steven Greenberg, who is challenging 8th congressional district Congresswoman Melissa Bean, and 16th district Congressman Don Manzullo, who is being challenged by Barrington Hills Village President Robert Abboud.

That might result in fall precinct activity for the first time in a very, very long time.

The press release follows:


Crystal Lake—When the McHenry County Democratic Central Committee meets on Wednesday, March 19 at the McHenry County Farm Bureau Building, 1102 McConnell Road, Woodstock at 7 p.m. the main order of business will be voting to caucus candidates on to the November general election ballot.

The party’s Executive Board interviewed candidates for a number of offices at its March 12 meeting. The board voted unanimously to make recommendations to the Central Committee for the offices of State’s Attorney and Auditor. It also unanimously recommended two candidates for County Board to the Precinct Representatives of District 2, who will caucus at the meeting.

The names of candidates will be presented at the meeting and each candidate will have an opportunity to speak.

“We are presenting to the Party highly qualified candidates who will give voters a real alternative on November 4th,” said County Chair Kathleen Bergan Schmidt. “This election is going to be about change, and nothing needs changing more than the culture of insider business as usual offered by the Republicans in McHenry County.”

If the nominations are approved, as expected, on Wednesday, McHenry County voters will be presented with Democratic candidates in the 8th and 16th Congressional Districts; the 26th State Senate District; the 52nd, 63rd, and 64th General Assembly Districts; for State’s Attorney, Auditor, and Coroner; and at least one candidate in each of the six County Board districts.

“The days of voters not having a Democratic Party choice in McHenry County are over,” Bergan Schmidt declared.

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Of the head shots, on the upper left is State Rep. Jack Franks, on the upper right, State Senator Pam Althoff, on the lower left, 8th congressional challenger Steve Greenberg, on the lower right, McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.

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