Bill Scheurer Urges Moderate Party Members to Join Green Party; Bean to Have Green Opponent Iain Abernathy

I had been wondering what Plan B was after Randi Scheurer lost to Melissa Bean in the Democratic Party primary on February 5th.

Now comes a press release from her husband and third party candidate against Bean in 2006 saying that he is joining the Green Party and urging fellow party members to do the same.

He notes that the Greens can slate a “peace-centered” candidate in the 8th congressional district against Bean. Previously, Scheurer had announced that he would not be that candidate.

In the statement, released by Green Party Government and Elections Committee Chair Phil Huckelberry, the man announced to run as the Moderate Party candidate, Iain Abernathy, is now being touted as the Green Party candidate.

It appears that the Green Party will have McHenry County covered with McHenry County College Trustee Scott Summers running in the 16th district against incumbent Don Manzullo and the Democratic Party candidate who got Summers kicked off the primary ballot, Barrington Hills Village President Robert Abboud.

I’m still waiting to see a significant recruitment effort among McHenry County Defenders by the Green Party. 2006 gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney was featured in the January 2007 newsletter, but it didn’t seem to attract anyone to run for precinct committeeman on the Green Party ticket in 2008.

The press release follows:


Bill Scheurer, 2006 candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 8th District and Chair of the now legally established Moderate Party, has announced that he plans to join the Illinois Green Party. Scheurer has also asked all Moderate Party members to join the Illinois Green Party.

“Because of the enormous obstacles the two incumbent parties always put in the way of independent third parties, it only makes sense for us to combine our efforts to support peace candidates with those of the Green Party, the Party of Peace,” said Scheurer.

Scheurer explained that joining the Illinois Green Party will allow members to be appointed as candidates and precinct committeemen, helping to build support and visibility for peace candidates such as David Kalbfleisch in the 10th Congressional District.

Also announced was the Green Party candidacy of Iain Abernathy in the 8th Congressional District, who comes with a strong preexisting Moderate Party caucus supporting his peace-centered campaign.

“Our driving purpose remains – to support peace candidates for federal office, and to raise the issue of peaceful security in federal campaigns,” concluded Scheurer.


Illinois Green Party

Bill Scheurer / Moderate Party

David Kalbfleisch for Congress (10th District)

Iain Abernathy for Congress (8th District)

And, some people are watching college basketball this time of year.

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Randi Scheurer is to the upper left. Her husband Bill Scheurer is see upper right.
Next, from left to right, the men who will face off in the 16th congressional district contest this fall: incumbent Republican Don Manzullo, Scott Summers of the Green Party and Democratic Party candidate Robert Abboud. At the bottom, 2006 Green Party candidate for governor, Rich Whitney, is seen by himself.

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