Letting the Democrats Speak for Themselves

I wasn’t the only one staying up late to bring you the news about the McHenry County Democratic Party’s slating of four candidates in spots they could not find anyone to run for in their primary election.

Democratic Party Central Committee Secretary Patrick Murfin did, too.

His press release arrived at 1:06 AM while I was trying to get my story posted. (For some reason, Google’s Blogger takes much too long to post stories.)

Rather than revise my story to include some details I did not have on the candidates, I thought I’d just publish Murfin’s press release. If you are really interested, you can read them together.

If you are really, really interested, you can read Reagan Foster’s Northwest Herald story and Chuck Keeshan’s Daily Herald story, as well.

Here is the press release:


WOODSTOCK—The McHenry County Democratic Central Committee voted to add candidates for State’s Attorney and Auditor to the November ballot when they caucused at the McHenry County Farm Bureau on Wednesday Night.

Former party Chair Thomas J. Cynor of Woodstock was slated for State’s Attorney. Cynor is currently the Research Attorney for the 22nd Judicial Circuit. A law school graduate of the University of Illinois in 1993, he has a varied legal background including many hours of trial experience as a private lawyer, a public Defender and court appointed Special Prosecutor in Livingston County, and a Municipal Attorney and Village Prosecutor in Washington Park, Illinois.

“I have no misconceptions as to the hurdles any Democratic Candidate for public office faces in McHenry County,” Cynor said. “But I know that our county and its citizens are ready for change and…ready to finally have a competent, ethical, and well qualified attorney representing their interests.”

The nod for McHenry County Auditor went to Woodstock insurance agent Kerry E. Julian. Julian has operated the Julian Agency since 2002. Prior to that, he was an executive with major insurance companies. He oversaw a staff of over a hundred and a budget of $10 million for accounting, claims, customer service, legal and other operations a HCC Insurance in Northbrook. He is a volunteer Boy Scout leader and the treasure of his church.

“I feel I have a good skill match for the post of Auditor and I am ready to give back to my community,” Julian said. “An independent county Auditor can be the best watch dog of tax payer interests. I’m not tied to existing power centers. My only allegiance will be to the citizens of McHenry County.”

Party Chair Kathy Bergan Schmidt said, “More choices on the ballot in November is another step to breaking the one-party monopoly that has so long dominated McHenry County. The Democratic Party is not sitting on the sidelines but is engaging in County campaigns with qualified candidates ready to fight hard for victory.”

Precinct Representatives from County Board District 2 also caucused at the meeting and selected Anita Harmon and Jill Mawhinney as the party’s nominees. Both had been unanimously recommended by the Party’s Executive Committee, which interviewed multiple candidates.

Harmon is a Crystal Lake business woman and veteran of the U.S. Navy. She is currently business manager of Premier Commercial Realty and was previously employed by the engineering firm Of Baxter & Woodman. She has been a community volunteer as President of the League of United Latin American Citizen (LULAC) in McHenry County, board secretary of the Galleons Advocacy Group in Crystal Lake, volunteer tax preparer through the Woodstock Rotary and VITA-Woodstock, and a Director of Children’s Ministry for her church.

Mawhinney is a retired Professor of Student Development at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines. The long time Crystal Lake resident’s resume includes experience as a provider of a full range of counseling services, an instructor in small and large group settings, and organizational development. Mawhinney is married to Attorney Richard Jackson, a previous candidate for the County board who gladly demurred to his wife this time around.

The party still has the opportunity to caucus additional candidates onto the ballot until early April.

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McHenry County Democratic Central Committee Secretary and author of the press release above Patrick Murfin is seen at the top right. McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Thomas Cynor is at the top of the press release. Next is McHenry County Auditory candidate Kerry Julian. McHenry County Democratic Party Central Committee Chair Kathy Bergan Schmidt is in the smaller picture down to the left from Julian.
Next comes a waving in recognition to being address McHenry County Board District 2 candidate Anita Harmon. On the bottom is the second District 2 candidate, Jill Mawhinney, speaking extemporaneously. All pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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