John Burton Appointed to Lakewood Village Board

This past week was “appoint losing Crystal Lake Park Board candidates to something” week.

The first I learned of was Angel Collins. She had run for the park board and come in first runner-up.

Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley then appointed her to the Crystal Lake Planning and Zoning Commission, where she proceeded to oppose Shepley’s laying of hands on McHenry County College’s baseball stadium.

Next, I received a newsletter from my Village of Lakewood.

It told of the appointment of John Burton, the park board candidate who was next in the election results line up after Collins, to the Lakewood Village Board.

He replaced long-time member Tom Hendricks.

I figure Burton was actually appointed earlier, because Collins was just appointed Thursday night and I got my Lakewood Newsletter arrived on Friday.

You can learn more about Burton’s views in this article or this story about the Crystal Lake Park Board’s candidates’ night last spring.

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