Beating the April Fool’s Day RTA Sales Tax Hike

So, McHenry County Democratic Party Coroner candidate Dave Bachmann sends me a picture of a new car with the following message:

“Thanks to Keely the cat…
“I took her advice today…
“brought home a new toy before the tax rate changes!
“Such a DEAL…

So, how am I to know that it’s his car, that he hasn’t picked the picture off the Saturn web site?

Sure looks like it came from a web site, unless McHenry County has developed an ocean front view recently.

My reply:

“If you want me to believe it, send me a picture with your kids in it.”

Bachmann’s March 31st reply:

“Okay.. but I pick it up tonight at 7pm.. I will take the photo at the dealership in the shop under the lights…and send it to you tonight! Its going to be Black with black and red leather seats. Saturn Sky Redline Turbo!“

I sent another instruction:

“Holding the artificial flowers.”

Then, pictures arrive with the following subject line:

“Memo from : SpongeBob Square Pants and Morris and Laura Bachmann”

“Dear Keeley the Cat:

“We took your advise and beat the Tax Hike.

“Our dad gave us the keys now, because he is afraid of what the taxes might be like when I turn 16.

“Along with SpongeBob, we enjoyed our ride thru Crystal Lake. We stopped in Woodstock at the ‘Krusty Crab’ for some Krabbie Patties with the money we saved!”

Bachmann wanted me to put in something about his usually being serious, but needing to have fun every day, but I won’t do it.

Even bloggers have some self respect.

Another communication:

“I’m normally not a cat person… I’ve only see maybe 2 cats in my life I admire.. Keely is beautiful…I could own a cat like that….plus she gives good advice!”

Keely is insulted. He is a he. At least he started out that way.

Since that guy Bachmann isn’t around, Keely will take out his frustration on his scratching post.

Then, when I didn’t post a story on March 31st, Bachmann started getting nervous:

“Why do I have this feeling that I have an April Fools day joke coming my way???”

The car was purchased from Saturn of Lake Barrington. The salesman’s name is Dan Allaire.

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