Part 2 – How High Is the Mayor Aaron Shepley’s Crystal Lake Sales Tax Hike?

Yesterday, we showed you how high Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley thinks his 75% sales tax hike is.

“It’s a just a little itty bitty tax increase,” Mayor Shepley is telling the neighbors. “And, anyway, you can go shop in Woodstock, if you think it is too high.”

Cat Dad went to Woodstock to check out the shopping last week.

Guess what he found?

A great big Super Walmart right on the way into town.

And, where the McHenry County Highway Department used to be before it was sold without public bidding, Cat Dad found a Jewel-Osco right across the road from a Walgrens.

“It’s not too far,”

Cat Dad was heard to say.

“Strange how those big people talk to themselves,” Keely thought.

“So,” thought Keely, “maybe Mayor Shepley’s 75% sales tax hike is a bit bigger than he tried to convince me yesterday.”

“Maybe it’s this big,” he said, as he lifted his head a bit.

Maybe it’s bigger than I thought.

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