Part 3 – How High Is the Mayor Aaron Shepley’s Crystal Lake Sales Tax Hike?

“You’re way off,” Cat Dad said.

“Crystal Lake Mayor Aaron Shepley is trying to fool you into thinking his 75% sales tax increased is smaller than it really is.

“Have you heard people complaining about the RTA sales tax that went into effect April Fool’s Day?

“Boy, are we fools to be paying that extra half cent on a dollar to bail out the CTA!” Cat Dad said.

“Sure, the McHenry County Board is going to get half of it, but they won’t spend it all on roads, the way they should.

“Try again, Keely.

“Look higher.

“Mayor Shepley’s sales tax hike is a 75% sales tax hike.

“That’s really high.”

“Maybe you are right,” Keely replied, upon reflection.

“Now can I have some cat candy?”

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