Hispanic Obama Delegate Faces Racism Charge from African-American Neighbor

This is too weird.

Daily Herald reporter Lenore Adkins writes about Carpentersville village trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski calling her neighbors African-American kids “monkeys” for climbing trees on Saturday, the year’s first great spring day.

The neighbor complained that it was a racist remark.

The Hispanic village trustee got a $75 citation for disorderly conduct, the story says. It also reports “bad blood” between the neighbors for years.

The village board member says she will not run for re-election next spring. The article says she has been “a strong advocate for the village’s illegal immigrant population.”

At the most recent village board meeting, Ramierez-Sliwinski backed a move to oust illegal alien opponent Paul Humpfer because he had been found guilty of domestic battery.

Ramirez-Sliwinski is a Barack Obama delegate to the Democratic Party National Convention.

Photo compliments of The Inside Dope.

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