One of Most Dangerous Corners in Crystal Lake Gets Blinking Red Light over Stop Signatures

If you have ever tried to pull out on Route 176 from Briarwood across from Sunset Park in Crystal Lake, you know how dangerous the intersection is.

The last time I drove to Woodstock the back way—the way I’ll get to Super Walmart after Crystal Lake, under Mayor Aaron Shepley’s leadership, raises its sales tax 75% on July 1st—I noticed a safety improvement.

There was a blinking red light above the stop sign.

The intersection so needs a read traffic light, plus re-alignment so the cross road is angled at 90 degrees!

This is the intersection that McHenry County College did not even consider improving when it proposed its minor league baseball stadium.

As if no one would take Briarwood to Lucus Road to beat the traffic on Route 14.

Fortunately, Crystal Lake City Councilman Jeff Thorsen, who lives nearby, pointed out that omission.

The intersection still needs a traffic signal.

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