Bill Gentes Knocking on Doors in Quest for State Senate Seat

Take a look at what is in the latest email from 26th District state senate candidate Bill Gentes.

The Democrat seeks to replace Republican Bill Peterson in the Illinois Senate is knocking on doors.

Canvass for me? Great Exercise and Helpful as well!

Don’t forget that I am going to need people to help me canvass the 186 precincts in the 26th district. I have been walking already and have knocked on about 2,000 doors already, but that leaves me 98,000 to go!

Please email if you are interested in walking, talking and getting me elected to Thanks!

Gentes is correct. He will not only get exercise, he will lose weight. That’s not just because of the exercise. It’s the meals he will miss, if he is really driven to knock on a specific number of doors a day.

When I was gathering signatures in Bull Valley, the weight I lost certainly was not from walking door-to-door, which is impossible in most neighborhoods.

It was the missed meals.

Now the question is whether Republican nominee Dan Duffy will match the Gentes shoe leather effort or depend on the mailman.

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