Kane County Village Trustee Resigns as Obama Delegate

Don’t call your African-American kids “monkeys” when they are climbing in trees near your home, if you want to be a delegate to the Democratic Party National Convention pledged to Barack Obama.

A simmering neighborhood fight in Carpentersville between an African American family and Hispanic Village Trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski resulted in her resignation as an elected delegate pledged to Obama.

Yesterday, I thought it had the potential for more than the $75 ticket for disorderly conduct.

When approached by the Chicago Sun-Times, an Obama operative convinced the village official to relinquish her summer spot of honor. Most of Hispanic delegates will be pledged to Hillary Clinton.

Because of the flap, the Hispanic leader has announced she will not run for re-election to the village board. She has been a defender of the Latino community in the contentious fight in town.

This is the second trustee to get in trouble with the law. Illegal alien opponent Paul Humpfer was found guilty of domestic battery. His resignation as village trustee was sought at the last board meeting.

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