Buy High, Sell Low

Taxpayers are always pointing at government miscues by and complaining about how it should be run like a business.

I certainly do not have business experience, but I’ve read enough to know one should try not to buy high and sell low.

That appears to be exactly what the McHenry County Board is doing concerning its animal control facilities.

While the advice is usually given with regard to the stock market, it is equally applicable to the real estate market. I’ve even heard radio ads telling me of seminars that will tell me how to profit in this real estate downturn.

So, what did the county board do with its new animal control facility on Route 14 across from Woodstock Street?

Buy high.

What is the county board about to do with the old facility, which is sitting near the residential growth tip of Woodstock?

Sell low.

In case no one on the county board noticed, we are in a housing recession. No way to get top dollar selling surplus property under such conditions.

Selling it publicly is certainly better than the no-bid disposal of the old county highway building where the Woodstock Jewel shopping center is now located.

A lot better.

But selling low certainly is not a good business practice.

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The photo, of course, is of the new animal control facility on Route 14 in Crystal Lake. The map showing the old facility on Banfield Road is from Google Maps.

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